"The best aspect of our trip was the opportunity the students had to build personal relationships with Costa Ricans. The host families, community leaders, local youth, and guides were all open, friendly, and extremely patient with the students' Spanish. Our Group Leader was organized, knowledgeable, and committed to making our trip a success. He established a great rapport with the students and his encouragement allowed them to engage more fully with the service project and the community. He helped us with discipline and team building without sacrificing the upbeat mood of the trip. This was my fourth trip with students, and he was by far the best Group Leader I've worked with." Julie – Teacher Chaperone


"The overall experience was amazing. I loved every minute of it. Everyone that we came in contact with was very kind and welcoming. There was a good balance of service work with tourism." Keri – Teacher chaperone


"This was my third trip with Sustainable Horizon, and it once again didn't cease to amaze me. It was another wonderful and life changing experience. I would love to be a part of this organization someday, and look forward to traveling with them again in the future. Thank you everyone at SH!!!" Jamie – Student

"I had a phenomenal time on this trip, and I think it was due to the great itinerary set up by Sustainable Horizon. You guys have these trips down to a science, and I had a wonderful first experience in Argentina. I would also like to say again what a fantastic Group Leader we had. Thanks, SH!!!!!!!" Alwyn – Student

"I loved my Sustainable Horizon Group Leader, as well as the driver. They were both extremely friendly and optimistic, and pointed out many interesting things in nature along our voyage around Costa Rica. If I were going around another country or recommending a guide through a country, it would definitely be Sustainable Horizon." Ian – Student

"Thank you for giving me the best experience of my life! It has changed me forever, for the better, and gave me the hopes and dreams to not only be a giver for the rest of my life, but to travel to Costa Rica again soon!" Erica – Student


“I don’t know if there are words to describe it! It was amazing. The homestays were very welcoming. So much so that by the end of the few days we spent with them we felt a part of the community. I think we had the best program that exposed us to the life of Costa Rica. I learned a lot.” Elizabeth – Student


“I liked being able to connect and spend time with the community members and the children in the community. It's great that we were able to spend time with them and have fun, even though there was a language barrier.“ Katie – Student


“The most enjoyable part of the program was the people that I met. Everyone in the village was welcoming and I honestly feel like I learned about Costa Rican culture from them. Its great to have an international connection with someone when you can't even understand everything the person says to you. I'll never forget those people.” Margaret – Student


“I enjoyed bonding with our host families and getting to know the people in the community because it was a different type of community than any I've met in the US. I also enjoyed this time with my classmates because I got to know some of them whom I hadn't known very well previously.” Aurora – Student


“I must admit I was just a little nervous having my daughter so far away without me. However, she really enjoyed working with the community and returned home with her heart fulfilled and proud of what the group had accomplished.” Michelle – Parent


“The trip widened his view of the world, his confidence in himself, and, he tells me, his facility with Spanish. The range of activities was great, and he came home a couple inches taller than he left (maybe literally!).” Jan – Parent


"Our son just arrived home last night and can't stop talking about what a fantastic trip he had and that it was an experience of a lifetime. We would like to thank you for making this trip safe and enjoyable for him and the whole group. Also, thank you for your constant communication - it certainly made it easier for us parents to know how our kids were doing!" Cindy & Brian – Parents


“Krystyn's experience was truly amazing. She said the best part of the experience was not the sightseeing but actually the community service, working alongside the town’s people. She established friendships with the Group Leader and her host family that she hopes will be maintained throughout her life. I have never seen her so excited about anything she ha s experienced before.” Debbie & Tom – Parents


”This trip was a growing experience for the children -- and their parents. I am indebted to you for the work you've done and to Sustainable Horizon for the caring way they've put together the trip and for the supports they built in. Thank you.” Bruce – Administrator